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       XXIX Annual Congress of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology        بـیــست و نهمین کنــگــره سـالیـانه انـجـمـن چـشـم پـزشـکی ایـــران
جشنواره فیلم و عکس Festival

  يافتن سريع افراد:   تعداد نمایش:

ردیفعنوانFamily / NameType
 1  Disaster after ICL implantation( Anterior Sub capsular catarct)  Seyede Yasamin  Adnani  Photo
 2  IOL capture (after 5 years)  Seyede Yasamin  Adnani  Photo
 3  Unusual Nevus site  Seyede Yasamin  Adnani  Photo
 4  Poverty and lack of awareness in congenital cataract  Seyede Yasamin  Adnani  Photo
 5  Late Complication of Artiflex (after 9 years)  Seyede Yasamin  Adnani  Photo
 6  memories of the chemical war (30 years later)  Hossein  Aghamollaei  Photo
 7  Metastatic iris melanoma  Hossein  Aghamollaei  Photo
 8  Treatment of Bacterial keratitis with new antibacterial peptide  Hossein  Aghamollaei  Photo
 9  Unique feature of Delayed Mustard Gas Keratopathy.  Hossein  Aghamollaei  Photo
 10  Advance type of neurofibromatosis  Hossein  Aghamollaei  Photo
 11  Endoscopic-Assisted Lateral Orbitotomy for Large Dermoid Cysts with Dural Touch  Mohsen  Bahmani Kashkouli  Video
 12  femtosecond assissted dalk in a patient with kcn and granular dystrophy  Behzad  Barazandeh  Video
 13  Ectopia lentils  Zahra  Dastborhan  Photo
 14  Ectopia lentils  Zahra  Dastborhan  Photo
 15  Simultaneous replacement of stromal donor lenticul in cornea with ectasia during Smile surgery  Farideh  Doroodgar  Video
 16  AGV+Scleral flap  Maryam  Hajizadeh  Video
 17  Ant Vitx+PE+CTR+PCIOL  Maryam  Hajizadeh  Video
 18  Severe pus reflux in Endophthalmitis  Narges  Hassanpoor  Photo
 19  Ptosis surgery (ALR)  Christopher  Hintschich  Video
 20  Interesting vascular arrest after artificial cornea( 4 years F.U.)  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 21  Novel Designed Ring for Keratoconus treatment (POD: 3 days)  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 22  Unbearable Photophobia after large PI  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 23  Crescent Linckor Inlay (after 2 years)  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 24  Broken Edge MyoRing  Khosrow  Jadidi  Photo
 25  traumatic iridodialysis  Zahra  Karjoo  Photo
 26  Slit phothograohy showing anterior lenticonus in a case with Alport syndrome  Niloofar  Mohammad bagheri  Photo
 27  Special method for free flap treatment  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 28  Kidney like pupil due to phimosis and post op uveitis  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 29  Bilateral Cross Linking in Post-Lasik Ectasia with Sugi DARC Ring  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 30  PANIS Method  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 31  Plasma Assisted Non-Invasive Surgery (PANIS Method) for Treatment ConjunctivoChalasis  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 32  Plasma Assisted Non-Invasive Surgery (PANIS Method) for Treatment Ocular Surface Disorders  Farhad  Nejat  Video
 33  Intracorneal Pigmentation in Iris Coloboma (POD≠ 2)  Farhad  Nejat  Photo
 34  Reversely implanted IPCL (POD#3)  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 35  Different management of CHED treatment in two eyes of a patient  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 36  Large descemetocele due to untreated HSK  Shiva  Pirhadi  Photo
 37  test  Mansour  Raad  Photo
 38  Self fundoscopy with direct ophthalmoscope  Marjan  Razi Khosroshahi  Photo
 39  Self fundoscopy with direct ophthalmoscope  Marjan  Razi Khosroshahi  Video
 40  AGV+ Scleral Flap  Farideh  Sharifipour  Video
 41  cataracted lens  Ebrahim  Shirzadeh  Photo
 42  iris retractor  Ebrahim  Shirzadeh  Photo
 43  Rosacea  Ebrahim  Shirzadeh  Photo
 44  Rosacea  Ebrahim  Shirzadeh  Photo
 45  استفاده از باقیمانده تیوب احمد والو بعنوان ایمپلنت در فضای بلب اینترااسکلرال در جراحی گلوکوم غیر نافذ  Saeed  Shokoohi rad  Photo
 46  Selective Localized Tenonplasty Procedure Based on the Ocular Surface Fluorescein Angiography  Mohammad  Soleimani  Video
 47  Ghost in the retina  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 48  Double fovea artifact  Mohammad  Soleimani  Photo
 49  Pachydermoperiostosis  Ali  Tabatabaei  Photo
 50  An unusual IOFB  Ali  Tabatabaei  Video

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