Registration before of the XXIX congress launches is done only through our website at

To check your registration status see the congress registered list on the website.

Date of Registration

Beginning of Early Bird Registration 15th Apr. 2019

Beginning of Pre-Registration 23rd July 2019

Deadline for Online Registration 06th Sep. 2019

Online Registration Deadline

Online registration deadline, is 06th Sep. 2019 and you can also register in person, on 19،20،21 Nov. 2019 in the congress location with higher rates.

Note 1: Primary Registration Username & Password

For anyone who registers on the website, a username and password is created requiring them to fill out a form for different congress programs.

Please make note of your username and password.

The Iranian Society of Ophthalmology members΄ username is  their medical council number and password is the Iranian Society of ophthalmology membership number. If you have forgotten your membership number, please contact congress secretariat.


Note 2: Finalization of Registration

Registration will be finalized based on information presented through bank slips and the bank’s list. Any Incompatibility between the slips and the list will delay finalization of registration. So, it is required to fill in the form related to the bank slips quite carefully and keep the original slips until the date of the congress. If the registration is not finalized  in 10 days, you should contact congress secretariat.


 Contact info:

Tel: 021-66919061-2

Fax: 021-66917653



Attention: Filling in the part of the form pertaining to the bank slips through the website suffices for finalization of registration and there is no need to send the slips to congress secretariat.




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